About us

Bonsenti is a Swedish company founded in 2023. We specialize in the making of footwear and our artisans have over 30 years of experience using traditional techniques. This results in shoes that stand out in terms of quality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Bonsenti shoes are handmade in Italy to offer the highest levels of quality and comfort. We use high-quality materials to enhance comfort and also to make our shoes last longer. We want to combine the timeless materials and style of the shoes with a hint of sophistication, to provide our customers with shoes that can be worn to every occasion.

Made with care

Tailored to fit

Aside from good looks, we want our customers to realize the value of a comfortable shoe. Therefore, we put time into choosing the right materials to tailor the shoe to your feet.

Our vision

be special

Our vision is to combine the world between elegant medeteranian style and modern footwear to perfecly suit our customers. We use handmade and classical ways of crafting shoes but take a newer approach in our styles. Our wish is to bring our shoes to life and make people enjoy wearing shoes with character.